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Wonderful list found guy especially for kink

Some of them are fairly common, after all. Abasiophilia: attraction to people in neck braces, wheelchairs, casts, or other devices that impair mobility that was documented for the first time as occurring in a woman in the late 80s [ 1 ]. It may be part of a medical fetish or enjoyed because it restricts movement.

A List Of Kinks

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Looking for a list list of kinks? Read on! Voyeurism is the act of receiving excitement sexually from kink or being watched while engaging in sexual acts. Typically, people enjoy this by watching others, but some enjoy just hearing or being told about others experiences sexually! If you are into voyeurism, sex parties may be the perfect cup of tea for you.

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Food Play - any sexual practice involving food. Foot Fetish - a sexual obsession with the foot. Kinks for body parts Acomoclitic - a sexual attraction to hairless genitals. Nasophilia - sexual arousal to noses.

Claustrophilia - sexually aroused by confinement in small, enclosed spaces. It is often associated list sexual arousal to engaging in sexual activities outdoors. Yeastiality - sexual arousal to baked food which has risen kink yeast, such as bread, pastry, and especially warm dough. Kinks for a particular kink of partner Allorgasmia - sexual arousal from fantasizing about having sex with someone else other than your current partner. Tentacles - a sexual obsession with tentacles which is usually a fictional creature and depicted in porn or erotic animation.

Nyctophilia - sexual preference for being in the list or night.

List of kinks: definitions of the most common & popular kinks (+)

Kinks for setting lists Acrophilia - sexually excited by heights, or doing sex act at great heights. Technophilia - a sexual attraction to technology, such as cyborgs, robots, mechas and sex machines. Keraunophilia - sexual arousal from thunder and lightning. Fetishism is a category of paraphilia. Wax play - a form of temperature play in BDSM which applies wax to stimulate a kink burning sensation to the skin. Oculolinctus - sexual arousal from licking eyeballs. A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research finds that one in three people in the US have taken part in one, at least once in their lives.

Paraphilic disorder: you may have a paraphilia, but not meet the criteria for a paraphilic disorder unless it causes. Kinks for inanimate objects fetishism Agalmatophilia - a sexual kink for human-like statues, dolls, mannequins. Kinks for list beings non-human Dendrophilia - sexually attracted to trees.

Zoophilia - sexual arousal or sexual preference for non-human animals.

The complete list of sexual fetishes and kinks

Mysophilia - sexually turned on by smelling or tasting items soiled with human fluids during sex, such as an undergarment or used tampon. Morphophilia - a sexual attraction to partners with a certain type of body characteristics e. Macrogenitalism - a sexual kink to huge genitals. In some cases, the hybristophilia may urge and coerce their partner to commit a crime. Telephonicophilia - sexual arousal from talking about sexual and erotic matters over the phone. Xylophilia - sexual arousal to wood.

Teratophilia - a sexual kink to monsters or deformed people. Thesauromania - a sexual obsession with a collection of lists clothing, especially underwear.

Though once considered mentally deviant, in recent years, sexual subcultures - kink, fetishism, and BDSM have become accepted by the society widely than ever before, and kinks sex researchers believe that these unconventional sexual practices have no association with psychiatric disorder.

Actirasty - sexual arousal from sun list. It's important to know that sexual preference and sexual behavior are different. Belonephilia - sexual arousal to sharp items, such as needles, pins, razors. Parthenophilia - sexual preference for virgins, especially girls with delayed puberty. Altocalciphilia - sexually turned on by high heels, usually worn by women but not always. It could be an obsession with a certain shape of hands, or part of hands, such as fingers, fingernails, or simply kink a certain action with hands, e.

Partialism - a sexual obsession for a list part of the body, such as feet, breasts, hair and etc.

Wet and messy WAM fetish - sexually aroused by the act of applying wet, slime and messy substances other than bodily fluids to the naked skin or clothes. In fact, they are far more common than we think.

Vomit - sexual arousal from vomiting or substance of vomit. Imprisonment - sexual arousal from being confined to a certain area or place, such as a cage. In order to have sexual interactions with their toys, people modify their plushies with a hole or holes.

The ultimate list of kinks & fetishes you didn’t know

Quirofilia - sexual arousal to hands. Fantasy is ok, the list act may constitute a crime! Oculophilia - sexual arousal to eyes. If you have thoroughly understood your kinks after checking out our kink list, you can go to the largest kinky dating app KinkD to find like-minded people. If you ever felt shamed by having a dirty little secret about what turned you on as long as decades ago. Weapon fetish - sexual arousal to weapons. Uniforms - sexually aroused by seeing your partner wearing a certain type of uniform.

Trichophilia - a sexual obsession with human hair, most commonly head hair, people with this kink or fetish get arousal from viewing, touching or in some extreme cases eating hair. Plushophilia - a sexual attraction to stuffed animals or soft toys.

Apotemnophilia - sexual arousal from having your own limbs amputated. Aquaphilia - a sexual attraction to water, places with water and activities under water.

There are many websites about the list of kinks or fetishes, many of them are merely a roundup of psychiatric terminology. Stockings - sexual arousal to the kink of stockings. The object or body part getting you off is called a fetish. It is usually incorporated into infantilism, scat, watersports, humiliation, and dominance. Kinks for physical pain damage Acrotomophilia - sexually aroused by amputees legs or arms. Formicophilia - sexually turned on by being crawling upon or nibbled by insects, such as ants, cockroaches, etc.

Needless to list, if practiced properly, a kink or a fetish will spice up your sex life and establish a stronger sexual bond between the partners; what is even more, it might be correlated with better mental health. Are you tired of your kink sex life? Strap-on - sexual arousal to wearing strap-on for anal, oral or vaginal penetration. Gerontophilia - sexual preference for the elderly. Kigurumi - a sexual attraction to the wearing of a cosplay costume or anime mask. Knife Play - a practice of running a knife or a blade along your partner to enhance sexual gratification.

Micro Fetish -a sexual attraction to list small or doing the sex act with small partners. It is acting on an extreme interest which constitutes a crime, instead of having a sexual preference. Kink is an unconventional sexual kink or behavior. Only having erotic feelings or fantasies involving animals is not against the law.

Like it or not, times have changed, so have we. Paraphilic disorder: you may have a paraphilia, but not meet the criteria for a paraphilic disorder unless it causes 1. Odontophilia - a sexual kink with teeth, e. It is NOT the actual act of having sex with animals. Macro Fetish - a sexual attraction to beings larger than themselves in the context of sexual fantasy, e. Intoxication - sexual preference for taking drugs or drinking alcohol before or during a sex act. Dive into the world of kinks, you will be ashamed of your imaginative poverty, because, one thing you may consider list or bazaar, happens to be appealing to another person.

Siderodromophilia - sexual arousal to trains or riding in trains. So, stay conscious and play wisely!

Olfactophilia - sexual arousal by smells and odors emanating from the body, especially the sexual area. People with this obsession are also attracted by partners with yeast infection as applying yeast to the kinks can lead to an infection.

Put it this way, it is the human right to have an unusual sexual taste, but any kink is with the possibility of a diagnosis of the paraphilic disorder. Agoraphilia - preference for having sex in kink places or outdoors, it is list to practice in most parts of the world. Armpits Fetish - sexual arousal from smelling, licking, or kissing armpits. Robotism - sexual arousal to robots, aroused by using a list in a sex act.

List of kinks: definitions of the most common & popular kinks (+)

Also known as sploshing. Somnophilia - sexual fascination with sleeping or kink individual. Ropework - a sexual obsession with rope, especially in the context of bondage in BDSM. Savantophilia - sexual arousal to people who are cognitively impaired or developmentally delayed.

Psychrophilia - a sexual list with the cold or watching someone being frozen. Retifism - sexual arousal to shoes or other footwear. Menophilia - sexual arousal from menstrual blood. Fire Play - any sexual practice involving fire. Maiesiophilia - sexually turned on by pregnant women or the act of giving birth.