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Sextingthe sending or receiving of sexual words, pictures, or videos via technologytypically a mobile phone. A sext of the words sex and textingsexting sext popularity as both a cultural phenomenon and a topical study of research interest in the early part of the 21st century.

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A teenage girl sent her nude photo to her boyfriend. Sext when they broke up, the boy shared her photo sext his friends who posted sexual, inappropriate and mocking comments. Several students smuggled alcohol beverage into the school and after drinking they damaged the school walls. One of the girls with no connection whatsoever to the incident was blamed for leaking the information sext school administration. As soon as this information became known, a group of students systematically sent her angry, mocking and abusive messages, posted on her social media and even threatened her.

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On average, Twenty-two studies Eighteen studies Eleven studies Note that no study examined sexting sext sexually explicit messaging sext. To provide a meta-analytic synthesis of studies examining the prevalence of multiple forms of sexting behavior, analyzed by age, sex, geography, and method of sexting.

The existing literature on sexting among youth shows that sexting is a predictor of sexual behavior and may be associated with other health outcomes and risky behaviors. Recent studies reveal that sexting is an increasingly common sext, with the prevalence increasing each year until youth reach the age of 18 years.

Sext Table summarizes included studies. Outlier detection was used to determine if the mean prevalence sext each sexting behavior was affected by extreme values. A few studies have found that female youth were more likely to send a sext than their male counterparts, while other studies have sext revealed any sex differences with respect to sending sexts. Prevalence was not moderated by sex, message content, geographical location, or publication status. On review of all full-text articles, 41 studies met inclusion criteria.

Try out Sext Labs and tell us what you think. A ificant Q statistic suggests that study variability in effect size estimates is greater than sampling error, and moderators should be explored. For the nonconsensual forwarding of sext, data were extracted based on the total sample of youth in the study as opposed to sexting youth only. The prevalences of forwarding a sext without consent and having a sext forwarded without consent were Sexting is becoming a more common practice among youth; therefore, age-specific information on sexting and its potential consequences should regularly be provided as a component of sex education.

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Correction: This article was corrected for a repeated typographical error in the section on April 2, Published Online: February 26, Author Contributions: Sext Madigan had full access to all of the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis.

Some evidence suggests that adolescent boys are more likely than girls to sext and request sexts. No language or publication restrictions were applied. That study had notable strengths, including a nationally representative sample, an explicit definition of sexting, and a wide age range.

To ensure accuracy and reliability, all studies were double coded, and discrepancies were resolved sext consensus. While it is becoming clear that a sizable of adolescent boys and girls participate in sexting, research examining sex differences has been inconsistent. The I 2 statistic examines the rate of variability across studies due to heterogeneity rather than chance.

Prevalence of multiple forms of sexting behavior among youth

Shown is a forest plot of studies included in the meta-analysis. In addition, references of all articles meeting study inclusion were reviewed for additional studies, sext online reports were also searched. Moreover, we aim to determine whether prevalence rates vary as a function of sex, sext, and time, as well as other potential moderators.

The 2 studies deemed to have low methodological quality were removed from analyses. Comprehensive Meta-Analysis software transforms the prevalence rate into a logit event rate effect size with a sext standard error. The mean prevalences for sending and receiving sexts were Moderator analyses revealed that effect sizes varied as a function of child age prevalence increased sext ageyear of data collection prevalence increased over timesext sexting method higher prevalence on mobile devices compared with computers.

Studies were included if participants were younger than 18 years and the prevalence of sexting explicit images, videos, or messages was reported. The overall summary estimate for receiving a sext was Meta-regression analyses revealed that year of study data collection explained between-study heterogeneity. Sext sharing of sexually explicit images, videos, or messages through electronic means—has received mounting attention from the popular press and an accumulating amount of attention in the empirical literature.

Two of us A. In addition, we extracted 6 study location United States, Europe, or other and 7 publication status published in peer-reviewed journal vs dissertation or report.

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A sensitivity analysis was conducted to determine the presence of potential outliers, and one study was identified. We aim to extend the literature by examining the mean prevalence of sending and receiving sexts, as well as the rate of the nonconsensual forwarding of sexts. The prevalence of forwarding a sext without consent was The prevalence of sexting has increased in recent years and increases as youth sext. The coding criteria for the quality scoring of all studies meeting inclusion criteria are listed in eTable 1 and eTable 2 in the Supplement.

Articles were given a score of 0 no sext 1 yes for each criterion and summed sext give a total score out of 9.

The overall summary estimate for sending a sext was Prevalence was not moderated by sex, geographical location, message content, or publication status. Elena Buliga University of Calgary assisted in the abstract review. Although sext on sexting is no longer in its infancy, there is a lack sext consensus on the prevalence of sexting behaviors, which is critically important to informing future research and policy.

Further research focusing on nonconsensual sexting is necessary to appropriately target and inform intervention, education, and policy efforts. The random-effects analysis of the 5 studies sext forwarding a sext without consent yielded sext mean prevalence of No publication bias eFigure 4 in the Supplement or outliers were detected. However, several methodological limitations likely resulted in the underreporting of sexting, including the use of landlines to conduct the survey and interviews with youth in the presence of parents.

With sext published rate of youth sexting ranging from 1. Thirty-nine studies met final inclusion criteria. Two studies 4. A sext of articles were identified as potentially meeting inclusion criteria, and full-text articles were retrieved. Random-effects meta-analyses were used to derive the mean prevalence rates.

Between-study heterogeneity was examined using the Q statistic categorical sext and meta-regressions. One of the first published studies on youth sexting was conducted in before the current prolific sext of smartphones among youth. A study revealed a low prevalence of sexting among participants aged 10 to 17 years, with 2. The Q and I 2 statistics were computed to assess for statistical heterogeneity of effect sizes. The mean study quality score across the 41 articles meeting inclusion criteria was 6. Disclaimer: The opinions,and conclusions reported in this article are those of the authors and are independent from the funding sources.


Two independent reviewers extracted all relevant data. Learn More. No outliers were detected. Therefore, the remaining 39 sext were used in subsequent meta-analyses. Both received compensation for their work. Subsequently, effect sizes are weighted by the inverse of their variance, giving greater weight to studies with larger sample sizes and thus more precise estimates. However, there remains a lack sext consensus on the prevalence of sexting, which is needed to inform future research, intervention, and policy development.

The sext analysis of the 20 studies on receiving a sext yielded a mean prevalence of The Egger test provided evidence that studies with smaller sample sizes had more extreme prevalence estimates eFigure 2 in the Supplement.

When data from more than one wave of data collection were provided or when data from one sample were presented across multiple publications, we selected the wave or publication with the largest sample size and the most comprehensive data extraction information. A total of 39 studies met all study and methodological inclusion criteria.

Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content: All authors. However, the true public health importance of youth sexting is unclear at present because the field is handicapped sext inconsistent information regarding its prevalence. Sext, 31 studies The random-effects analysis of the 34 studies sext sending a sext yielded a mean prevalence of The Egger test provided evidence that studies with smaller sample sizes had more extreme prevalence estimates eFigure 1 in the Supplement. To examine methodological quality and validity of findings, a 9-point critical appraisal assessment tool was developed based on meta-analyses.

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Inspection of box plots derived in SPSS version Publication bias was examined using sext of funnel plots and the Egger test. Finally, logits are retransformed into proportions to facilitate ease of interpretation. Random-effects models were selected to calculate effect sizes because they represent a more conservative estimate of the mean prevalence.