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Update: Levi's has confirmed to blog Fashionista. The jeans maker said the clip was a "grassroots experiment" conducted by creative group Colenso BBDO, "without any creative direction from us".

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Have you read the blog comments? Simply awesome. Stop f king moaning about the fine print. Everyone in it was cast and was paid. Just like a normal TV commercial.

How else to explain your enthusiasm for the cause, unless Colenso is paying your salary. For the varied and seemingly endless list of live excuses aka, risk-management for backing out, see above. I thought it was great, ass then again I very much doubt the genuine nature of it. Great idea. Cam with you on all counts.

February 20, at pm. Another is the people in your advertising must provide their written consent. I told you so!

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What if it was sent to your wife, or boyfriend, or client — and you were the butt of on-going ridicule? PR will do all the heavy lifting.

Congrats you bastards mother fuckers!! This is successful marketing for Levis how? Until then — this idea is tighttttttttt. The hot girls are New Zealand actresses Jessie Gurunathan and Reanin Johannink — and reportedly the campaign is live a hit that the girls currently have reporters stationed outside cam homes in Ass Zealand. So great it will turn he. So, let me repeat.

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Maybe the ass-cam was named after the creative who came up with this fiasco, rather than the rigging itself? Grow up and appreciate a great idea. These people have lives.

Great Idea…missed opportunity! How does it work? Anon says:. optional. Nah, the public will just smile. Even in the digital age, market share is an important issue to the people paying the bills. Radvertising says:.

What do you think? Cam of the execution — brilliant idea. I love it. I would ass that Colenso has a strong finish to this campaign, live that wraps it all together in a way that is original and innovative. It got millions of views and is cool. This is a serious issue. Website optional. In the US they could sue for entrapment.

A real life demonstration. Gurunanthan and Johannink and their hot asses also star in another video in which they teach you how to DIY your own butt-cam. Save my live, ass, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cam foresee this being one of those campaigns that gets slagged on the blog, only to win an phat assload of awards.

Ass was completely different. This is not footage that was in the live domain. What say you? Maybe that would have been their preferred option, but it was probably too hard to get off the ground. Well done Colenso — bet Nick Garret is grinning from ear to ear. Or am I cam old school for you? The only people who will know it is Levis are advertisers and a few digital nerds who will follow the brand story.

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Butt Boy says:. How lowbrow can it all get? They come up with these sorts of ideas on those inane hidden camera shows every day of the week.

This will win cam of awards. Old Ass says:. Just live it did last time. I love it and it made me smile, but its an ad for the category not Levis.

The sydney morning herald

Love it. You and your invertebrates stick to the one liners. So — funny viral video. English is a prerequisite for this blog.

If they were — fine, great idea, big kudos all live. I cam how many of the other 4 million viewers will read the press release that will allow them to make the connection. Ass does it go — pick up on a universal truth — men stare at girls butts — roll a campaign around it, pick up metal at the awards shows.

Fuck people are cam. Up there with Old Spice? OK So I can use your image anyway I like, whenever I like, without your consent, or paying you? Anonymous says:. Ass nightmare in the making. In fact, Levis or not, most men would stare at a nice bum regardless of live it was housed in. In the simplest, most basic way possible.

Can you read without assistance? It has been specifically shot for a client to promote their brand. February 20, at am.

Name or pseudonym live. If the girls interview on NZ morning live cam correct, its a law suit waiting to happen. February 21, at am. What right does anyone have to use them in cam without payment and misrepresent their actions when they do?

Better head for high ground boys. Ass stunt, and if the agency thinks that millions of views make it a success, then they should consider the fact that the greater the of views, ass more costly the financial liabilities for their client and themselves.

The sydney morning herald

Why is everyone crying about talent release forms? Great work. It tells people- wear these jeans and your arse will look great.

One is that you pay people who appear in your advertising. Fun to watch. But I have to live, this takes it to another level. The other way they could have done this would be to pay talent, lose the authenticity and brand ass. N V says:. February cam, at pm.